Wayfarer - A Romance with Violence (Re-issue 2022) (Ltd. Gatefold ultra clear-black marbled LP)


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WAYFARER is black metal of the American West.  Drawing as deep from the annals of extreme metal as from the gothic Americana of Colorado, WAYFARER tells their tale with dust laden riffing, fierce rhythms, harsh bellows and broken song. Shades of biting black metal carry seamlessly along the paths blazed by Denver Sound folk and ageless cinematic grit - pulling the listener through arcs of high adventure and bleak revelation. 2021 is another important milestone in WAYFARER's career. With Century Media, the band has brought an internationally renowned partner on board, who will manage the label affairs of the band in the future. Physical re-releases of the two albums World's Blood and A Romance With Violence are scheduled for July 2022. “As the Iron Horse sow, so shall its riders reap.” A Romance With Violence will be available as a limited Gatefold LP with hotfoil finishing pressed on 180g ultra clear-black marbled vinyl. The album also comes as a 4-panel PocketPac CD with a 12-page booklet.

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