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German newcomer VITJA formed in 2013 and presents the second studio album “Digital Love” via new label home Century Media Records. 2014’s “Echoes”, the band’s debut album, was described by media as an “awe-inspiring”, “progressive”, “gloomy”, and “techy” opus quickly catapulting them to the top of the djent movement. The success of “Echoes” and the follow-up EP “Your Kingdom” landed VITJA high-profile shows and tours with Callejon, Bring Me The Horizon, Bury Tomorrow, Caliban, Iwrestledabearonce and Nasty, but “Digital Love” aims for a more memorable, energetic approach avoiding all too stereotypical genre tags. Ask VITJA frontman David Beule if the group find their solace in being labelled as "djent", and he’s likely to laugh heartily. He calls VITJA’s music “metal-rock”. “We’re getting our Influences from everywhere,” asserts guitarist Dontschenko. “There are so many good bands and loads of great genres. It would be dumb to pick just one or two of them and forget about the rest. Music has no limits and we will include everything that inspires us and conveys any kind of emotion.” The result is “Digital Love”, which sounds epic and massive. Dontschenko’s riffs are colossal, dissonant, yet instantly catchy. Tracks like “Roses”, “Six Six Sick” (feat. Matthias from Nasty on guest vocals), “Find What You Love And Kill It”, and the title track showcase his unique fretboard trickery and riff mastery. His rhythm partner, Metzler also shines against Daniel Pampuch’s pounding drums and percussion sleights of hand, which is especially evident on the incredible “No One As Master No One As Slave”, the thumping “The Golden Shot”, and the revelatory “SCUM” (feat. Sushi / Kevin from Eskimo Callboy as guests). And Beule has outdone himself. From raving as a lunatic to death metal-like growls to singing his heart out, VITJA’s frontman is a veritable dynamo. VITJA are destined for a bright future and “Digital Love” is a totally exciting record!

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