The Offering - Seeing the Elephant (transp. red LP)

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Limited to 300 copies!! / Limitiert auf 300 Stück!!


With ‘Seeing the Elephant’, THE OFFERING has woven together a record as rich, adventurous and heartfelt as anything you’re bound to hear anytime soon. Conceived during the chaos of the 2020 protests and the ensuing warzone of cultural upheaval, ‘Seeing the Elephant’ is a challenging (and ultimately rewarding) record for extreme times. On the follow-up to THE OFFERING’s highly-acclaimed 2019 debut, ‘Home’, the band starts off in politically-charged high-gear with the frenetic, 7-minute opener ‘WASP’ and only ups the ante and sonic dynamic, twisting and turning through electronic-infused tracks like ‘With Consent’, the driving ‘Rose Fire’ and arrives at something beautiful and sublime with the epic closing track, ‘Esther Weeps’. Vocalist Alex Richichi and guitarist Nishad George construct a new framework from past work with the help of mixer Zach Weeks (Kvelertak, The Armed) at Salem, Massachusetts’ renowned God City Studios, proving THE OFFERING as a band that not only challenges the norm but one that will refine and redefine them. THE OFFERING “Seeing the Elephant” is available as: Standard CD Jewelcase, black LP, Digital Album

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