Terror - Keepers Of The Faith - 10th Anniversary Reissue (Ltd. grey LP & LP-Booklet)

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Limited to 200 copies!! / Limitiert auf 200 Stück!!


Ten years after its initial release in 2010 Terror´s Hardcore Evergreen Keepers of the Faith gets its well-deserved 10th anniversary reissue. Exclusively available on 180g heavyweight vinyl this reissue not only includes the reworked artwork but also a four page LP-Booklet with a ton of unseen liner note footage. A decade’s worth of crafting their sound and presence has not worn down this outfit, as often happens to lessers of the genre, but rather it has merely honed their focus to a laser pinpoint. Through the maze of labels, lineups and album releases comes the current chapter in the series. “Keepers Of The Faith” is a worldwide call to the community, an attempt to hear back from the faithful on the front lines. A gathering in of allies, both diehards and new bloods. 13 tracks produced by Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory (who’s also produced H2O) at Buzzbomb Studio in Orange County, CA and engineered by Paul Minor (Death By Stereo) and mixed by Matt Hyde (Slayer and Hatebreed). To all fans of the Hardcore-scene: Keep your eyes open for that banger!

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