Savage Messiah - Hands Of Fate (black LP+CD)

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One of the UK’s most distinctive metal bands, SAVAGE MESSIAH, has joined the Century Media family in 2017 and presents its fourth album, “Hands Of Fate”, which offers a timeless heavy metal sound that is blessed with incredible song-writing and avalanches of impressive lead guitars and powerful riffs. Notably influenced by Megadeth and Metallica yet showing a hard rock vibe in terms of catchiness, produced by regular collaborator Scott Atkins (Amon Amarth, Cradle Of Filth) and mastered by Dave Collins (Metallica, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper), “Hands Of Fate” develops further from the band’s thrash metal beginnings towards an honest, unpretentious, and utterly enthralling sound. Take a listen to the title track, “Eat Your Heart Out”, “Blood Red Road” or the excellent semi-ballad “Last Confession”, and you will realize that SAVAGE MESSIAH’s 2017 record offers masterful metal-hymns that bear the potential to delight you for ages.

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