Grave Pleasures - Motherblood (Ltd. CD Mediabook)

Grave Pleasures

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The atomic post punk shooting stars are back with a vengeance! On the second album “Motherblood”, GRAVE PLEASURES offer a perfect blend of icy, dance-able goth-tinged death rock with an ominous apocalyptic obsession and rawer, more energetic approach compared to the previous album “Dreamcrash”. This is a catchy pop-feast of raw, banging pleasure bringing together the musical worlds of Bowie’s Berlin period, Joy Division, Killing Joke and Depeche Mode! “Motherblood” was recorded at Orgone Studios in the UK with Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost, Ulver, Paradise Lost) in March 2017. The studio was suitably situated on the site of an old WW2 coding bunker and brought with it the isolation of the bleak British countryside. The setting helped give the album an intense and smiling urgency that picks up where 80s UK bands such as Magazine, The Wire and Echo And The Bunnymen left off, but never stopping long enough to look back too much into the past. Featuring guest vocals from David Tibet from Current 93, the band sets the tone for their inspirations, from the esoteric underground of England’s hidden reverse to Manchester’s sound of misery. With their own metallic raw tone clashed with pop hooks, “Motherblood” is a furiously passionate and contemporary record, which re-defines post-punk as a “war-cry for the eternally doomed.”

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