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Gothenburg’s DREAM EVIL once again deliver balls-out and no bulls**t heavy metal, the traditional way it was meant to be! After 2010’s “In The Night”, the authors of “The Book Of Heavy Metal” are finally back with their newest, sixth studio album effort “SIX” (2017) to end seven years of silence the loudest way possible. Featuring metal producer legend Fredrik Nordström (In Flames, At The Gates, HammerFall, Arch Enemy, Bring Me The Horizon, etc.) on lead rhythm guitars as well as Niklas Isfeldt (lead vocals), Mark U Black (lead lead guitars), Peter Stålfors (lead bass), and Patrik Jerksten (lead drums), DREAM EVIL reaffirm their position as metal leaders with stunning, addictive anthems such as ‘Antitode’, the mighty semi-ballad ‘Creature Of The Night’ or stomping ‘Dream Evil’.

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