Deserted Fear - Drowned By Humanity (Gatefold black LP)

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Deserted Fear, also known as the youngest hope for Death Metal or even the embodiment of Next Generation Death Metal return with their fourth record “Drowned By Humanity”. The German band looks back on an exceptional career, which will even get a boost by the up-coming release. The massive success of their first album “My Empire” put an enormous pressure on the kids they used to be. "We started it all and then had to give one hundred per cent to continue it. This whole thing is like a child, nothing else", singer Manuel "Mahne" Glatter illustrates. They put out three records in five years and rose to one of Germany’s greatest Death Metal bands without losing their do-it-yourself-attitude and passion they put into their music. Not only that their last work “Dead Shores Rising” climbed into the Top 50 of Germany’s album charts, but they also persuade thousands of fans with a steady and overwhelming live presence in Europe and on countless festivals. With “Drowned By Humanity”, Deserted Fear hoist the sails off to emotions for the first time, establishing a forcing contrast to their gigantic groove grenades. This newly found variety is not only bigger than ever, it is striking and captivating. This time no less than the Swedish producer Henrik Udd took them by the hand who stands out for inventing the Swedish Death Metal sound with bands like In Flames, At The Gates, Soilwork and Arch Enemy. “Drowned By Humanity” is such a bloodcurdling refreshment and will proof Deserted Fear’s exceptional status in Death Metal. And yes, it needed a German band to get Swedish Death Metal internationally resprectable again.

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