9ELECTRIC - The Damaged Ones (CD Digipak)


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In the world of rock there are bands that are successful due to choosing a traditional approach and those who decide to take risks and come up with something fresh. The latter fits for 9ELECTRIC formed in LA back in 2010. This incredibly entertaining electronic hard rock band is reminiscent of the late 1980s to early 1990s Hollywood scene and represents pure fun rock and roll with infectious grooves and hard-hitting riffs. The band has toured much of 2015 and is building an ever-increasing fan base. Band members Ron Underwood (vocals), Mikey Lopez (guitars), Casey DC (bass), and Micah Electric (drums) manage to pull off blistering sets full of stunning stage acrobatics night after night. If you are looking to kick back and just have a really great time, you need to check out 9ELECTRIC who belong to a wide array of hopeful newcomers from the States like label mates Vattica, New Years Day, Like A Storm or Stitched Up Heart.

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