The Black Moods - Medicine (CD Digipak)

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There is nothing dated about their sound or style, but THE BLACK MOODS are very much a throw-back, transporting us to a time when bands earned their stripes not by being by-products of the studio, but rather, by honing their chops on the live circuit and mastering the nuances of turning every stage into a celebration of music, and transforming every audience into a bristling extension of the band. After spending several years polishing their instinctive sound, fine-tuning their chemistry and crafting a set of original songs that blurs the lines between the '70s icons that inspired them, the turn of the century acts that transformed them, and the modern sounds that they call home, THE BLACK MOODS are now prepared to infect you with an addictive style! Think catchy alternative (Foo Fighters, The Goo Goo Dolls, The White Stripes, The Black Keys) united with 70’s influences from such acts as Bad Company, Foreigner.

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