Stitched Up Heart - Never Alone (CD Digipak)

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Formed back in 2010, STITCHED UP HEART will turn heads with their highly energetic blend of modern metal, goth rock, and incredibly infectious hooks, which are the trademark of female singer Alecia "Mixi" Demner. About 1 million YT views per video are a good example that this band is spreading its sonic virus very, very fast. Apart from their attractive singer, it’s the passion, the songs as well as the furious and rapturous live performances that have successfully captivated fans across the USA and around the world. Both on the road and in the studio, frontwoman Mixi and the Los Angeles-based quintet face 2016 and their debut album “Never Alone” with brazen confidence. STITCHED UP HEART’s days of self-booked national van tours and Mixi being a Revolver “Hottest Chicks” mainstay was merely the beginning. Driven by a new level of sonic confidence and topped with the frontwoman’s soaring vocal verve, it’s the sound of a band unapologetically coming into its own and striving for the proverbial next step.

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