Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol

Paradise Lost

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Tragic Idol is the album fans of the Icon and Draconian Times era have been waiting on the edge of their seats for.

As for calling the album Tragic Idol, it’s the appropriate title for an album unleashed upon a modern day society that, in general, believes all that glitters is gold. The title track is a classic case of Paradise Lost putting life in perspective and pounding the message home: “It’s about the beauty and innocence of youth,” Holmes says of ‘Tragic Idol’. “Worshipping another human being with an equal amount of susceptibility to pain, suffering and depression as the next person, but by some chance has been propelled into some godlike status. Adulation eats away and makes the person ugly on the inside, believing their self importance to be above others, not realizing their insignificance and irrelevance in the grand scheme of things.” Tragic Idol as a whole isn’t merely Paradise Lost’s long-awaited return to form; it’s a soundtrack inspired by life, served up as a well-meant kick in the teeth.

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