KMPFSPRT - Gaijin (Gatefold black LP+CD)


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After driving with the full throttle open since their beginning KMPFSPRT used 2017 to catch a breath. The (post-) hardcore/punk four-piece from Cologne has already released two albums, an EP and a split-7“with Boysetsfire and played tours and gigs together with Saves The Day, A Wilhelm Scream, Jennifer Rostock and Adam Angst, numerous festivals as well as more than 200 shows in any venue, ranging from small punkrock clubs to big capacities. Finally, it was time to shift down a gear and reflect on what was going to be next. They used the past year to recharge their batteries and write songs together with their new drummer Daniel Plotzki. Just like the previous album, “Intervention”, the new album, “Gaijin”, was recorded at Gotteswegstudio A in Cologne with Sebastian Blaschke (Sondaschule, Montreal). “Gaijin” addresses the general, negative vibe currently overshadowing our daily lives: No matter whether the electoral success of the AFD, police power or the disinterest of the hipster-generation which is only revolving around itself – KMPFSPRT are commenting the social reality with their trademark straightforwardness. Still, the band is balancing out their uncompromisingness with a healthy dose of optimism. For anybody wondering about the meaning of the album title KMPFSPRT are explaining: “’Gaijin’ is the Japanese word for ‘outsider’, which you can also roughly translate with ‘person from outside’.” It is a term that guitarist David Schumann frequently heard himself while living in Japan and which is meant to show solidarity with social outsiders. A line from their song “Schwarz” (= black) reads: “Wherever we go, we are Gaijin.” The title and album are supposed to invite and gather people who aren’t really sure where they belong, but who set themselves a positive goal, anybody who is wishing for less hatred and boarders, also in people’s heads. „Gaijin“ is available as Special Edition CD Digipak, Gatefold LP+CD and Digital Album

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