Implore - Alienated Despair (Ltd. CD Edition)


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Two years after their critically acclaimed Century Media debut “Subjugate”, international grindcore / death metal monsters IMPLORE are back with their third studio album, “Alienated Despair”, a constant onslaught of ultra heavy death metal riffage, grinding blasts, punkish d-beat attacks and inhuman breakdowns. IMPLORE’s raw energy and unapologetic socio-critical attitude coupled with an incontestably skillful execution will appeal to both the die-hard fans of old school death metal and grindcore like Entombed, Carcass or Napalm Death as well as appreciators of contemporary extreme metal and hardcore bands like Converge, Trap Them or Full Of Hell. If you’re looking for an album that resembles a good old fashioned bare-knuckle brawl, look no further! “Alienated Despair” offers 11 rounds of no holds barred mayhem delivered in 31 minutes. No quiet intros, no interludes, no bullshit!

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