Edge Of Sanity - Nothing But Death Remains (Re-issue) (Ltd. Deluxe 2CD Jewelcase in O-Card)

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Nachschub kommt bald
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EDGE OF SANITY’s relentless debut album, “Nothing But Death Remains”, is available for consumption again 33 years after its initial inception. Exhumed by songwriter/frontman/producer Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Dissection, Incantation), “Nothing But Death Remains” crawls menacingly into the light in three forms: the remastered original album version (LP, CD, Digital), a special 2024 remix (CD Bonus and Digital), and a never-before-released 1991 rough mix version in alternative sequence (CD Bonus). First issued in 1991, EDGE OF SANITY’s death-thrash masterpiece features the brutal assaults of “Human Aberration”, “The Dead”, “Immortal Souls”, and the inimitable “Tales...”. Available as Limited Deluxe 2CD Jewelcase with O-Card and on various 180g vinyl editions, longtime fans and new devotees to the EDGE OF SANITY faithful will find “Nothing But Death Remains” in its ultimate cadaverous configuration.

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