Bleed From Within - Fracture (Ltd. CD Digipak)

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The return of metallic powerhouse BLEED FROM WITHIN is imminent with new album, “Fracture”! Building upon and yet continuing to grow — artistically, emotionally, and aesthetically — from predecessors “Era” (2018) and “Uprising” (2013), the Scotland-based five-piece aren’t merely turning to a new chapter in their storied history. They’re writing a brand-new book. “The songwriting has improved massively once again,” says drummer Ali Richardson. “I think our newfound musicality adds something powerful to our overall sound. Songs like ‘Fracture’ and ‘A Depth That No One Dares’ have pushed us creatively and provided a unique dynamic to the album as a whole.” Indeed, “Fracture” finds BLEED FROM WITHIN heavier, more creative, and hookier than before. They’re writing from a position of positivity and strength now, using early video single “The End of All We Know” as a “We’re back bigger, badder!” flag wave and as an indicator that their past is wholly and entirely behind them. “Fracture” is a 10-song leap into BLEED FROM WITHIN’s future. “We spent years dwelling on our negative past,” Richardson says. “Unable to break free from the frustrations of people holding us back. On this album, we’ve looked at emotions that we’ve felt as a group and used the songs as a vessel to move on. There is a degree of honesty that we haven’t really reached before.” “Fracture” was produced by the band and studio guru Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood. The album was mixed by Getgood and mastered by Ermin Hamidovic. As with “Era”, BLEED FROM WITHIN’s new album features stunning cover art by bassist David Provan. Themes from the art will be extended to BLEED FROM WITHIN’s live shows as well. Moored by “The End of All We Know,” “Pathfinder,” “Fall Away,” “Ascend,” “A Depth That No One Dares,” and the epic title track, “Fracture” displays a new, hungrier, more positively assertive BLEED FROM WITHIN. Join them again or for the first time! Available as Ltd. CD Digipak, LP+CD, Digital Album.

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