Adrenaline Mob - We the People (Special Edition CD Digipak)

Adrenaline Mob

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Featuring founding members guitar virtuoso Mike Orlando and famed vocalist Russell Allen (Symphony X) alongside the recently added Dave Z. (bass / Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Doctor Butcher) and Jordan Cannata (drums), ADRENALINE MOB developed into a household name for top notch, modern hard rock with a distinct metallic edge. The group’s third full-length album, 2017’s “We The People” clearly shows another step up from the already very well received predecessors. Orlando is at the top of his riff game on “We the People”, Allen is virtually unstoppable, belting it out like it is his last record ever whereas Cannata performs lika an animal, offering a hybrid of Portnoy’s technicality and Pero’s swing. Add to the line-up the songs… really good songs. “Ignorance and Greed”, “King of the Ring”, “Raise ‘em Up”, “Take the Pain”, and “The Killer’s Inside” are all quintessential Orlando/Allen material. Somewhere between hard rock, heavy metal, and AOR, the songs on “We The People” are either foot-stomping groove masters or heavy-hitting rock epics. “The new album has a pulse to it,” says Allen. “There’s a constant energy on it. It has a unique energy, like it’s always on the move. We wanted the songs to drive. Like when we’re in a car. We wanted the songs to move.” Recorded once again at Sonic Stomp Studios over a year-plus period, “We the People” sounds huge. Each riff is massive, every drum hit a chest-thumping pound, and each line Russell vocalizes exudes unbelievable power and heart. Life-changing events may have halted ADRENALINE MOB, but the band’s third full-length is proof positive they are stronger now than they have ever been.

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