Hallo Hoffnung

Special Edition CD Digipak

: CD
: 27.07.2018
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ZSK are making a clear statement: “Hallo Hoffnung” (which translates to “Hello Hope” in English). While it is easy to get frustrated and lose hope in the current political climate Berlin’s Skatepunks are encouraging everybody to join their team and take a stand for something positive. Their fifth full-length album offers 12 roaring Punk Rock anthems (plus a bonus track) full of energy and a positive message that will spread their campaign “Kein Bock Auf Nazis”, which is one of Germany’s most important youth campaign against racism and right-wing extremism, even further. “Hallo Hoffnung” was recorded at the legendary Horus Sound Studio in Hannover where diverse bands such as Donots, Itchy, Guano Apes or … And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead produced their albums. In addition Guido Donot and Chris #2 Barker from Anti-Flag laid down some guest vocals.

After playing an own headlining tour with many sold-out shows as well as shows with bands such as Die Toten Hosen, Bad Religion, Anti-Flag and Donots ZSK are already looking forward to a busy festival summer including highlights like Highfield Festival and Ruhrpott Rodeo and to playing their own headlining tour which is including some co-headlining dates with the legendary Slime.

“Hallo Hoffnung” is available in the following formats: Ltd. CD + black 7Inch Box Set that is coming with goodies like a gym bag, patch as well as the Special Edition CD Digipak and a 7”, Special Edition CD Digipak, LP+CD, Digital Album.

Titel Hallo Hoffnung
Special Edition CD Digipak [CD]
People Like You Records

Disc 1
01. Es müsste immer Musik da sein (02:55)
02. Unzerstörbar (02:26)
03. Der Tag wird kommen (02:47)
04. Es wird Zeit (03:20)
05. Keine Lust (03:32)
06. Wut (00:55)
07. Hallo Hoffnung (03:33)
08. Halte durch (03:54)
09. Die besten Lieder (02:30)
10. Make Racists Afraid Again (02:42)
11. 1000 Farben (02:26)
12. Für Dich (03:24)
13. Wellen brechen (03:34)
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Ende der Welt by ZSK black LP+CD 15.01.2021
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