The Inheritance (Enhanced CD)

: Witherscape
: CD
: 29.07.2013

Available as: Ltd. Enhanced CD Mediabook, Standard Enhanced CD, black LP + Enhanced CD, transp. blue LP + Enhanced CD, purple LP + Enhanced CD

The one and only Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity / Bloodbath) is back!

Expect nothing but stunning atmospheric and progressive dark metal on WITHERSCAPE’s “The Inheritance” which quickly should turn heads of Swanö-addicts as well as fans of Opeth, Katatonia or Amorphis with its perfect balance between gloomy moods, heaviness, godlike melodies and Swanö’s trademark vocals. Brilliant!

The Ltd. Edition Enhanced CD Mediabook features 2 additional cover songs, extended artwork and enhancement feat. two alternative album mixes (Full Dynamics & MP3 mix) as high-resolution MP3. All LP+ Enhanced CD versions contain these bonuses as well on the included CD.

Titel The Inheritance (Enhanced CD)
Century Media Records

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