The Wild Hunt (black 2LP)

: Watain
: 2 LP
: 19.08.2013

Available as Ltd CD Mediabook + Shirt bundle, Ltd. CD Mediabook Edition, Ltd. Edition Box Set (golden 2LP+7Inch+CD)

Ceremonial fanaticism, black mass hysteria, blood, fire and death; rock’n’roll as the Devil once intended…

“The Wild Hunt” marks the fifth album by today’s most important black metal band WATAIN. Never known for resting on their laurels the Swedes spent six months in seclusion to compose their new album, followed by four long and excruciating months in four different studios to record this beast. Garnered with stunning sonic twists and turns, “The Wild Hunt” marks another gigantic achievement for the band and genre itself and once again ups the ante compared to WATAIN’s extremely well received previous releases. A more than very potent contender for the “album of the year”!

Titel The Wild Hunt (black 2LP)
[2 LP]
Century Media Records

The Wild Hunt by Watain CD 19.08.2013
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