Praises To The War Machine (2021 Extended Edition)

Gatefold ultra clear 2LP

: Warrel Dane
: 2 LP
: 11.06.2021
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In 2018 one of metal’s most defining and revolutionary vocalists, WARREL DANE, celebrated his highly anticipated inaugural solo effort, “Praises To The War Machine”, which saw him further honing his craft to perfection. Dane, who first shattered the boundaries of conventionality with the legendary Sanctuary and Nevermore, proved that he is one of metal’s most diverse frontmen with this solo effort as he unleashes a barrage of introspective and personal lyrics that are heartfelt and extremely powerful. All of this emotion backed with his soaring angelic and dynamic vocals provides all of the necessary elements for a savagely captivating, melodic assault that quickly hooks you in. Before beginning this new venture Dane went out and surrounded himself with some of the best musicians that he could find. This search ultimately resulted in landing the renowned Peter Wichers (ex-Soilwork) on guitars and bass, Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork) on drums and Matt Wicklund (ex-Himsa) on guitars. The effort was also recorded and mixed by Wichers (coproducer Soilwork) and features guest musicians Jeff Loomis (Nevermore) and James Murphy (Obituary, Testament, etc.). Additionally this 2021 extended version reissues contains four live tracks from the album on side C featuring singer/songwriter Jonny Smokes which also will be available on all digital platforms. “Praises To The War Machine” is an absolute must for all Nevermore fans. Prepare yourself for the sheer beauty and elegance that awaits.

Titel Praises To The War Machine (2021 Extended Edition)
Warrel Dane
Gatefold ultra clear 2LP [2 LP]
Century Media Records

Limited to 300 copies // Limitiert auf 300 Stück!!

Disc 1 Side 1
01. When We Pray (03:38)
02. Messenger (03:59)
03. Obey (03:59)
04. Lucretia My Reflection (03:48)
Disc 1 Side 2
01. Let You Down (03:45)
02. August (03:48)
03. Your Chosen Misery (04:10)
04. The Day The Rats Went To War (03:37)
Disc 2 Side 1
01. Brother (03:24)
02. Patterns (04:01)
03. This Old Man (03:43)
04. Equilibrium (03:54)
05. Everything Is Fading (04:05)
Disc 2 Side 2
01. Obey (unplugged & live version [feat. Jonny Smokes]) (03:17)
02. Brother (unplugged & live version [feat. Jonny Smokes]) (03:22)
03. Let You Down (unplugged & live version [feat. Jonny Smokes]) (03:52)
04. A Very Good Year (unplugged & live version [feat. Jonny Smokes]) (03:18)
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Praises To The War Machine (2021 Extended Edition) by Warrel Dane Gatefold transp. magenta 2LP 11.06.2021
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