To Dimension Logic (Extended Version) (Gatefold black 2LP)

: Vauxdvihl
: 2 LP
: 01.09.2014
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Originally released in 1994, “To Dimension Logic” to the very day remains one of the best progressive metal albums ever released and has been sold out for many years, subsequently becoming a highly sought-after item among collectors. Now, two decades later Century Media present this classic album together with the two succeeding EPs, “Siberian Church Recordings” and “Vog” as an extended version 2CD and 2LP.

“To Dimension Logic” is one of the few records rewarded with 10 out of 10 points in Germany’s Rock Hard magazine and was also featured in the “BEST OF ROCK & METAL – The 500 strongest albums of all times” book.

Titel To Dimension Logic (Extended Version) (Gatefold black 2LP)
[2 LP]
Century Media Records