Life After Death

: CD
: 21.10.2013
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“Life After Death” marks the brandnew studio album of the infamous punk rockers THE CREEPSHOW, now fronted by new singer Kendalyn “Kenda” Legaspi. THE CREEPSHOW is an explosion of energy that is a tasty treat for the ears and eyes alike!

Titel Life After Death
The Creepshow
People Like You Records

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Disc 1
01. See You In Hell (03:14)
02. The Devil's Son (02:50)
03. Sinners & Saints (03:01)
04. Born To Lose (04:48)
05. Can't Wait To See You Fall (02:50)
06. Second Chance (02:42)
07. Failing Grade (03:14)
08. Take It Away (02:49)
09. Last Call (02:50)
10. Settle The Score (02:59)
11. Life After Death (03:01)
8,99 €
incl. 19,00% VAT excl. shipping costs
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