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: 2 CD
: 19.11.2021
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At 52-minutes, “Moonflowers” is an eight-song affair that drives deep into the heart of Swallow The Sun main songwriter Juha Raivio’s disconsolate soul. From the dramatic “Enemy” and the grim “This House Has No Home” to the delicate “Moonflowers Bloom in Misery” and the beauteous “The Fight of Your Life,” “Moonflowers” is as rewarding and dynamic as it is accomplished and intimate. That it features Cammie Gilbert (Oceans of Slumber), Antti Hyyrynen (Stam1na), and Trio NOX—who perform a re-arranged classical version of “Moonflowers” in a Finnish church, which comes as a bonus album to some of the album formats—are more reasons to hold Swallow the Sun’s latest leap into the unknown in the highest regard. Available as Ltd. Deluxe “Blue Blood Edition” 3LP+2CD & Art Print Box Set, Ltd. 2CD Mediabook, Gatefold 2LP+CD and digital album.

Titel Moonflowers
Swallow The Sun
Ltd. 2CD Mediabook [2 CD]
Century Media Records

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Disc 1
01. Moonflowers Bloom In Misery (06:19)
02. Enemy (05:39)
03. Woven Into Sorrow (07:46)
04. Keep Your Heart Safe From Me (07:47)
05. All Hallows’ Grieve (05:37)
06. The Void (05:39)
07. The Fight Of Your Life (07:13)
08. This House Has No Home (06:40)
Disc 2
01. Moonflowers Bloom In Misery (Classical Version) (04:52)
02. Enemy (Classical Version) (03:06)
03. Woven Into Sorrow (Classical Version) (04:39)
04. Keep Your Heart Safe From Me (Classical Version) (03:13)
05. All Hallows’ Grieve (Classical Version) (04:58)
06. The Void (Classical Version) (04:01)
07. The Fight Of Your Life (Classical Version) (04:16)
08. This House Has No Home (Classical Version) (03:03)