The Cleansing (Re-issue 2016)

neon yellow LP+CD

: LP + CD
: 15.04.2016

Limited to 200 copies!

"Extreme metallic terror … the future of death" - Kerrang (UK)

To the very day, “The Cleansing”, originally released in 2007 via Century Media Records, is a scathing blast of sheer brutality and intensity that has sent shockwaves throughout the scene, putting the ‘deathcore’ genre on the musical map while inspiring legions of bands and gathering thousands of fans to its cause. “The Cleansing” entered the US Billboard Top 200 chart at #94 upon release and became one of Century Media’s most successful debut albums ever while sounding utterly extreme! Produced by John Travis (Kid Rock, Static-X), mixed by Tue Madsen (Dark Tranquillity, The Haunted), and rounded off by outstanding artwork by the legendary Dave McKean (Machine Head, My Dying Bride, Testament), “The Cleansing” hit the scene like a bomb fusing brutal US death metal (Suffocation, Hate Eternal, Dying Fetus) with slamming grooves known from classic hardcore, and rabidly growled and screamed vocals unmatchable in their ferocity. It kicked off a rapid ascent to fame for the Californian band, which grew even more successful with each of the following records peaking with reaching #28 in the Billboard Top 200 for 2011’s “The Black Crown”. Unfortunately, singer Mitch Lucker, known for his incredible stage performance, died in a motorcycle accident on November 1st, 2012, leaving behind his daughter Kenadee, who still is being supported by the band’s remaining members and several friends of the group. Considered a modern classic today, Century Media Records proudly presents this new vinyl edition, marking the first official vinyl release in Europe! It comes on 180 gram heavy vinyl feat. special vinyl mastering, two tracks not included on the ultra rare first press, plus a bonus CD including the entire album and bonus tracks as well.

Titel The Cleansing (Re-issue 2016)
Suicide Silence
neon yellow LP+CD [LP + CD]
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