Live In The Real World

: CD

In 2006, the band which Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon) had founded around Mexican singer Marcela Bovio, performed the songs of their debut album, Embrace The Storm (2005) for the first time live.

The mixture of gothic, dark wave and progressive rock obviously tapped into the pulse of the audiences. The crowd received the seven songs from Embrace The Storm with great enthusiasm, ranging from the violent rock of Passion to the fragile ballad Nostalgia with its Spanish lyrics, to the hard rock groove of Out In The Real World.

It's also a special treat to hear Stream Of Passion interpret compositions Lucassen's compositions for Ayreon and Star One live on stage. Those tracks are seamlessly interwoven with the band's own numbers making them sound very much at home in the set.

Also available as a DVD (PAL or NTSC) featuring bonus material such Behind The Scenes footage, the tour diary and the promotional video for the single, Out In The Real

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