The First Twenty Years (Special Edition 2CD+DVD Digipak)

: CD + DVD
: 20.11.2015
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Iconic prog giants, SPOCK'S BEARD, have outdone themselves with a "best of" that is actually that and so much more. Included are all the best tracks from the past two decades, but, get this….also an almost 20 minutes long brand-new epic, "Falling For Forever", which contains performances from all members of Spock's past and present and has been written by Neal Morse. This release is destined to cause a seismic ripple through the entire prog landscape. Imagine a track with Neal Morse singing the verse, Ted Leonard singing the chorus, Nick D'Virgilio playing and singing lead on the middle section, OMG! Expanded with a DVD offering never before seen footage plus the band‘s legendary performance at Progfest '97 in LA, material showing the band rehearsing and recording the „The Kindness of Strangers" album, this is the ultimate SPOCK’S BEARD experience and all older tracks were remastered by Rich Mouser!

Titel The First Twenty Years (Special Edition 2CD+DVD Digipak)
Spock's Beard
[CD + DVD]
InsideOut Music

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CD 1
01. The Light (remastered) (15:34)
02. Thoughts (remastered) (07:11)
03. The Doorway (remastered) (11:37)
04. June (remastered) (05:31)
05. Day For Night (remastered) (07:36)
06. At The End Of The Day (Remastered) (16:30)
07. Solitary Soul (remastered) (07:35)
08. Wind At My Back (remastered) (05:12)
CD 2
01. The Bottom Line (remastered) (07:35)
02. She Is Everything (remastered) (06:50)
03. On A Perfect Day (remastered) (07:49)
04. Jaws Of Heaven (remastered) (16:26)
05. Waiting For Me (remastered) (12:40)
06. Tides of Time (remastered) (07:47)
07. Falling For Forever (20:05)
01. Start Movie (06:11)
02. Beginnings (06:32)
03. Walking On The Wind (09:28)
04. Working With Kevin (05:49)
05. The Doorway (13:15)
06. Rehearsing Kindness (08:37)
07. BosPop (05:31)
08. The Light (20:26)
09. Perpetual Changes (12:47)
10. Encore (05:54)
11. Back In The Day (05:41)