: Sonne Adam
: CD
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Israel based SONNE ADAM have delivered one of the most crushing, most tormented and most evil death metal debuts since 1991 combining the doom/death of early Paradise Lost or My Dying Bride with the bone-crushing heaviness of “Blessed Are The Sick”-era Morbid Angel. A fabulous follow-up to much celebrated EP “Armed With Hammers” and future classic of the genre.

Titel Transformation
Sonne Adam
Century Media Records

Disc 1
01. We Who Worship The Black (06:11)
02. I Sing His Words (05:21)
03. Sonne Adam (04:52)
04. Solitude In Death (02:17)
05. Take Me Back To Where I Belong (04:39)
06. Shine (06:55)
07. I Claim My Birth In Blood (03:57)
08. Transformation (05:16)
09. Apocalypse (06:27)