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Tortured Whole

neon yellow LP & Poster

: LP
: 26.03.2021

Ohio´s most promising upcoming Death Metal outfit Sanguisugabogg finally release their anticipated full-length debut album “Tortured Whole”. After making their debut with their fan-hailed 2019 four track EP “Pornographic Seizures” the band took it to the next level by delivering a smashing and brutal Death Metal firework which is up to all the dodges. Explicit song titles like “Menstrual Envy”, “Dead As Shit” & “Dick Filet” already give you an idea why the band calls themselves “Caveman”-Death Metal. While establishing their own unique and ferocious musical approach one can clearly notice the 80´s and 90´s influences in Sanguisugaboggs music. The band pays tribute to genre legends like Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse and Mortician. “Tortured Whole” will be available as Ltd. CD Digipak incl. bandpatch, black LP incl. A2 poster & on all digital platforms.

Titel Tortured Whole
neon yellow LP & Poster [LP]
Century Media Records

Limtited to 100 copies // Limitiert auf 100 Stück!!

Tortured Whole by Sanguisugabogg Ltd. CD Digipak & Patch 26.03.2021
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Tortured Whole by Sanguisugabogg black LP & Poster 26.03.2021
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