Pornographic Seizures - EP (Re-issue 2021)

black LP & Poster

: LP
: 03.12.2021
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Death Metal force Sanguissugabogg – Ohio´s infamous upcoming masters of gore and brutality – re-release their rare and fan-hailed debut EP “Pornographic Seizures” on 180-gram vinyl. Including two exclusive and previously unreleased B-sides as well as an A2 sized poster and reworked artwork this vinyl reissue makes the Death-Metal-fanheart beat faster. “Pornographic Seizures” will be released as black LP incl. poster and on all digital platforms on December 3rd.

Titel Pornographic Seizures - EP (Re-issue 2021)
black LP & Poster [LP]
Century Media Records

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Disc 1 Side 1
01. Uningest (01:38)
02. Turkish Blood Orgy (01:29)
03. Perverse/Deranged (03:29)
04. Succulent Decedent (04:27)
Disc 1 Side 2
01. Sewer Skewer (04:56)
02. Captivated by Necro (04:24)
Tortured Whole by Sanguisugabogg Ltd. CD Digipak & Patch 26.03.2021
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Tortured Whole by Sanguisugabogg black LP & Poster 26.03.2021
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