Nichts zu verlieren (transp. red LP+CD)

: Rogers
: LP + CD
: 29.06.2015

Limited to 100 copies! ROGERS, hailing from Dusseldorf, Germany – home of bands such as Die Toten Hosen, Broilers and Massendefekt - are ready to up the ante with their second full-length “Nichts zu verlieren” (which translates to “nothing to lose”), which offers rousing, catchy German punk rock that is equally honest and energetic to the max! Guitarist Nico explains the album title to give you an idea of the mindset with which ROGERS approached their newest record: “Here we go! Every single one of us is ready to give everything he’s got which is the reason why we don’t have anything to lose.”

The four-piece from Düsseldorf can look back at two exciting, but also turbulent years since the release of their debut album “Flucht nach vorn” (2013): They played shows and tours with the likes of bands such as Broilers, Slime, Sondaschule and The Creepshow as well as high profile festivals like Open Flair, With Full Force or Mair1.

2014 turned out to be a crucial year for the four punk rockers: After a brilliant start their drummer decided to quit the band while they were already working on new material. It didn’t take long for them to find the perfect match when their longtime friend Dom joined the band for good though. He turned out to be the perfect addition in order to take them to the next level on “Nichts zu verlieren”. Yet again the group of friends recorded their album with Michael Czernicki who doesn’t just work with them in the studio, but is also mixing them live. “We really like working with a steady team of friends that is our family. It’s the ideal scenario and what we feel most comfortable with.” It is a trademark that also applies to all visuals connected to ROGERS who kept Kay Özdemir on board, a close friend of theirs as well as designer and video director.

Titel Nichts zu verlieren (transp. red LP+CD)
[LP + CD]
Century Media Records

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