The Eyes Of Horror (Re-issue 2019)

black LP

: Possessed
: LP
: Columbia
: 28.06.2019

Death Metal legends POSSESSED’s two essential 80s studio albums and their first EP available on stand-alone vinyl again! The master for this re-release of their classic genre-defining debut “Seven Churches” (1985) is the uncompressed original and sounds exactly like the first Combat & Roadrunner Records vinyl releases. The LP features the band logo and the album title embossed on the cover to make it look like the first Combat release. Their second album “Beyond The Gates” (1986) has been fully digitally remastered for vinyl in 2015 and the same master was used for this new edition. Their follow-up EP, “The Eyes Of Horror” (1987), which was produced by Joe Satriani, has also been fully remastered to sound like the first pressings. This release will be single sided and features a newly designed etching on side B. The remasters were done by Patrick W. Engel / Temple Of Disharmony. All three releases are available on 180 gram vinyl with lyric sheet.

Titel The Eyes Of Horror (Re-issue 2019)
black LP [LP]

Seven Churches by Possessed CD 27.08.2012
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Seven Churches (Re-issue 2019) by Possessed transp. blue LP 28.06.2019
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