This Godless Endeavor (Re-Issue 2018)

Gatefold black 2LP+CD & Poster

: Nevermore
: 2 LP
: 15.06.2018
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For the first time since its original release back in 2005, Century Media Records is bringing back NEVERMORE’s highly sought after opus “This Godless Endeavor” as stunning vinyl edition! This timeless classic includes outstanding tracks such as “Born”, “Sentient 6” and of course the grandiose “This Godless Endeavor”. Combining the incredible songwriting of Jeff Loomis and the monumental vocal range of Warrel Dane (of Sanctuary fame), “This Godless Endeavor” still holds its place as one of the all-time classics in metal’s recent history. While the first pressing was a single LP with almost 60 minutes of music squeezed on one vinyl, the 2018 edition now comes with two 180 gram vinyls with special vinyl mastering and the album has been spread on three sides to offer a superior listening quality. Side D features an etching and additional extras include the entire album on CD as well as a huge poster of the Hugh Syme artwork. Celebrating the company’s 30th anniversary in 2018, Century Media Records felt it was about time to reissue a whole lot of NEVERMORE's classic releases after being out of print particularly in the vinyl format for ages

Titel This Godless Endeavor (Re-Issue 2018)
Gatefold black 2LP+CD & Poster [2 LP]
Century Media Records

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Disc 1 Side 1
01. Born (05:05)
02. Final Product (04:21)
03. My Acid Words (05:41)
04. Bittersweet Feast (05:01)
Disc 1 Side 2
01. Sentient 6 (06:58)
02. Medicated Nation (04:01)
03. The Holocaust Of Thought (01:27)
04. Sell My Heart For Stones (05:18)
Disc 2 Side 1
01. The Psalm Of Lydia (04:16)
02. A Future Uncertain (06:07)
03. This Godless Endeavor (08:55)
Disc 3
01. Born (05:05)
02. Final Product (04:21)
03. My Acid Words (05:41)
04. Bittersweet Feast (05:01)
05. Sentient 6 (06:58)
06. Medicated Nation (04:01)
07. The Holocaust Of Thought (01:27)
08. Sell My Heart For Stones (05:18)
09. The Psalm Of Lydia (04:16)
10. A Future Uncertain (06:07)
11. This Godless Endeavor (08:55)