Spectrum Of Death (Extended Edition)

Standard 2CD Jewelcase

: Morbid Saint
: 2 CD
: 20.05.2016

As the digipak stock is getting less and less, in May 2016 a 2CD jewelcase edition follows of this deadly thrashing masterpiece. Originally recorded in 1988 and produced by Eric Greif (Acrophet, Num Skull, Viogression), it was first released as "Lock Up Your Children" demo, before an album release of the same recording followed in 1990 under the title "Spectrum Of Death". The Wisconsin thrashers offered a vicious and intense mix of early Slayer, Kreator, and Dark Angel that has not lost any of its violent impact to the very day. MORBID SAINT originally formed on November 1st, 1984, and this two disc anthology, titled “Spectrum of Death (Extended Edition)” contains everything MORBID SAINT have recorded so far! Apart from the debut album it includes the rough mix of the unreleased, often bootlegged second album, “Destruction System”, various tracks recorded in 2010 and 2011 plus a previously unreleased early 90's demo, of which only 50 copies were ever made! Whereas the “Spectrum of Death” album was hardly touched to preserve its original, blistering sound, all other tracks have been carefully restored and remastered by Patrick W. Engel / Temple Of Disharmony (Iced Earth, Grave, Morgoth, Massacra) to ensure a most pleasant, violent listening experience! The 36-page booklet includes an extensive interview telling the full history of MORBID SAINT plus tons of unseen photos and flyers, which founding member Jay Visser (guitar) excavated from his personal archive. After a series of low-key reissues and shabby bootlegs, “Spectrum of Death” is now being released again in its ultimate version! Note to all owners of the digipak version: The jewelcase has the same visual and audio content as the digipak, but certain pics were moved to the jewelcase’s booklet, that’s why it has more pages.

Titel Spectrum Of Death (Extended Edition)
Morbid Saint
Standard 2CD Jewelcase [2 CD]
Century Media Records