Jumalten Aika 

Standard CD Jewelcase

: Moonsorrow
: CD
: 01.04.2016

The masters of Finnish pagan metal have returned! Since 2011, the fans of this heathen pack had to wait for a new opus, but “Jumalten Aika” (=The Age Of Gods)” rewards their patience to the fullest, taking the listener on a truly captivating, sinister journey back into the dark past. From its striking artwork, the morbid band photos to the crackling guitars opening up the album's shortest song “Suden Tunti”, there is an inevitable sense of classic black metal connecting the five new songs with a playing time of 67+ minutes. Be it Norwegian bands like early Ulver or Enslaved as well as Sweden's Bathory, who are the first to blame for an unholy union between extreme metal and Nordic folklore, “Jumalten Aika” melts aural darkness with a strong fascination for ancient times, successfully avoiding any of the stereotypical “It's party time!” kind of folk/metal – rather giving it a kick in the nuts! Because, this is pagan metal. A maelstrom of gloomy grandeur drenched in myths. The booklet contains the original finnish lyrics as well as english translations. Ragnarök awaits you!

Titel Jumalten Aika 
Standard CD Jewelcase [CD]
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