Mein Leben gehört Dir

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: Marathonmann
: CD
: 25.03.2016
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There is nothing worse than a band that lost the reason and drive that got them into playing music somewhere along the line. Everything turns into a grinding routine, even the creative process of writing music. It’s not easy to reinvent yourself on every album, so you get trapped in reproducing what used to work before in order to fulfil people’s expectations – rather than exceeding them. MARATHONMANN are taking a different route. With every year passing they get more hungry, curious and also easy-going. With their debut-album “Holzschwert” (2012) they already came up with their very own sound. On “… und wir vergessen was vor uns liegt” (2014) they were bold enough to incorporate new influences. Finally, on “Mein Leben gehört Dir” (the translation would be “My Life Belongs To You“), they are taking a fresh and mature approach to their songwriting while still keeping the vibe of their previous two albums. Never did they sound this honest and distinct. One of their main goals was to capture their unique, organic live-sound without repeating themselves. While adding in new elements they will certainly not alienate or disappoint their loyal fans. It’s MARATHONMANN’s hour of “we will do what pleases us”. They even went for a pretty unexpected guest when asking Andreas Dörner from Caliban to add some vocals to “Du lässt die Farben gehen”. If you needed to define “Mein Leben gehört Dir” the most fitting term would be: They have finally arrived where they always wanted to go to.

Titel Mein Leben gehört Dir
Ltd. CD Digipak [CD]
People Like You Records

Disc 1
01. Stand der Dinge (01:10)
02. Das Leben der Anderen (02:54)
03. Blick in die Zukunft (04:12)
04. Konstante Schmerzen (03:05)
05. Stillstand / Weiter (03:34)
06. Du lässt die Farben gehen (04:14)
07. Stimmen im Meer (05:20)
08. Wunden und Narben (02:36)
09. Die Zeit war (03:46)
10. Der Himmel bricht ein (03:48)
11. Tage bis zum Sommer (03:36)
12. Mein Leben gehört Dir (04:40)
13. Schlösser (03:54)
14. Die unbekannte Nacht (03:42)
Holzschwert by Marathonmann CD 25.03.2013
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Abschied (black 7Inch) by Marathonmann 7 Inch Vinyl 18.09.2015
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Mein Leben gehört Dir by Marathonmann Ltd. CD Digipak 25.03.2016
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