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: Lorna Shore
: CD
: 31.01.2020
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LORNA SHORE’s new album, “Immortal”, is nothing short of a shock of blackened, symphonic ambitions and epic intents. It is a milestone for LORNA SHORE, who have built a sizable reputation touring the world alongside the likes of The Black Dahlia Murder, Carnifex and Chelsea Grin. Formed in 2010, LORNA SHORE were quick to surpass “local band” expectations with 2012’s “Bone Kingdom”-EP and it’s follow-up, 2013’s “Malificium”-EP. Through each release, LORNA SHORE continues to prove themselves to be an increasingly formidable force and a ferocious live proposition. 2017’s sophomore LP, “Flesh Coffin” showed a band that had moved beyond mere “deathcore” trappings and had evolved into a modern metal band, as uncompromising and accomplished as any of their contemporaries or influences. “We became the band we wanted to be, rather than just the product of our early influences,” says guitarist Adam De Micco. “’Immortal’ is the latest chapter of that story of us as a band, as players and as people.” Armed with new vocalist C.J. McCreery (ex-Signs of the Swarm), LORNA SHORE has made a record that stands apart from their earlier works. The earliest hints of that have come with the release of album tracks, “This Is Hell” and “Darkest Spawn”, twin deathly salvos released from LORNA SHORE’s early album sessions with producer Josh Schroeder (Battlecross, King 810, For Today) at Random Awesome Studios in Midland, MI. Recording for the album. “Immortal” is the beginning of another chapter for LORNA SHORE and is available in the following formats: CD Jewelcase, LP+CD, Digital Album.

Titel Immortal
Lorna Shore
Standard CD Jewelcase [CD]
Century Media Records

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Disc 1
01. Immortal (06:53)
02. Death Portrait (05:09)
03. This Is Hell (05:22)
04. Hollow Sentence (03:51)
05. Warpath Of Disease (04:02)
06. Misery System (03:54)
07. Obsession (03:42)
08. King Ov Deception (03:54)
09. Darkest Spawn (04:34)
10. Relentless Torment (04:24)
Immortal by Lorna Shore Standard CD Jewelcase 31.01.2020
12,99 €
incl. 19,00% VAT excl. shipping costs
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Immortal by Lorna Shore black LP+CD 31.01.2020
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Immortal by Lorna Shore clear LP+CD 31.01.2020
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