EPs:Lacuna Coil/Halflife

: Lacuna Coil
: CD

Finally LACUNA COILs classic EPs Lacuna Coil and Halflife are available again on one CD! Lacuna Coil was recorded in Hagens Woodhouse Studios (Tiamat, Sentenced, The Gathering) by long-time producer Waldemar Sorychta (Moonspell, Therion) and an impressive proof of the beginning of their passionate music. Halflife contains songs as fan favourite Senzafine sung completely in Italian, still a favourite when performed in the bands live set and the mid-90s radio-hit Dubstars Stars(with LACUNAs own dark twist). The CD includes a picture gallery and wallpapers and comes along with new, beautiful artwork, re-mastered and is packaged in a noble slipcase. Enter the Coil and enjoy some classic tunes from the Italian Goth Fathers!

Titel EPs:Lacuna Coil/Halflife
Lacuna Coil
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