Forged In Fury (Ltd. CD Digipak & Patch)

: Krisiun
: CD
: 07.08.2015
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The Limited CD Digipak also includes a patch and two bonustracks (one being a Black Sabbath cover).

The Brazilian death metal brothers KRISIUN finally return with their new album “Forged In Fury”, which sounds even more diverse as its much-lauded predecessor “The Great Execution” (2011). Perfectly produced by Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal / ex Morbid Angel) at the Mana Recording Studios in Florida, expect an organic and massive sounding mixture of blasting brutality and crushing mid-tempo tracks that even remind of none other than countrymates Sepultura in their prime. Featuring stunning cover art by Joe Petagno (Motörhead), the indestructible conquerors of sonic armageddon will not only blow you away during the upcoming tour and festival season but also with this new scorcher!

Titel Forged In Fury (Ltd. CD Digipak & Patch)
Century Media Records

01. Scars Of The Hatred (05:42)
02. Ways Of Barbarism (06:31)
03. Dogma Of Submission (04:55)
04. Strength Forged In Fury (06:06)
05. Soulless Impaler (06:10)
06. Burning Of The Heretic (06:20)
07. The Isolated Truth (04:08)
08. Oracle Of The Ungod (04:42)
09. Timeless Starvation (05:56)
10. Milonga de la Muerte (00:52)
11. Earth's Cremation (03:48)
12. Electric Funeral (04:40)
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