Black Force Domain (Re-issue + bonus black LP)

: Krisiun
: LP
: 02.12.2013
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Originally released in 1995, “Black Force Domain” is the debut album and nowadays a classic masterpiece of the Brazilian death metal combo KRISIUN, which is now available as re-issue CD at midprice and for the first time officially on vinyl! This release also features two cover songs as bonus tracks, an interview and detailed liner notes and is mandatory for everyone who likes real brutality without mercy!

Titel Black Force Domain (Re-issue + bonus black LP)
Century Media Records

Side A
01. Black Force Domain
02. Messiah Of The Double Cross
03. Hunter Of Souls
04. Blind Possession
05. Evil Mastermind
06. Infamous Glory
07. Rejected to Perish Below
08. Meanest Evil
09. Obsession By Evil Force
10. Sacrifice Of The Unborn
Side B
01. Nuclear Winter (Sodom cover version)
02. Total Death (Kreator cover version)