: High On Fire
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: 22.06.2015
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Ready for a riff-laden, doom-soaked, Motörhead-drenched piece of stoner rock? If “hell yeah” is your answer, then grab the new HIGH ON FIRE opus produced by the renowned wizard in all things heavy: Kurt Ballou (Converge, Torche, Kvelertak)! Blessed with an organic, filthy sound, HIGH ON FIRE are at the top of their game on „Luminiferous“ and the American mag Rolling Stone aptly described it as follows: "Matt Pike is guitar god to a generation of bikers, barbarians and beardos, and “Luminiferous” is one of his finest hours, full of enough gruff He-Man barking and muscular, Motörheaded riff wizardry to soundtrack Season 666 of Game of Thrones." Get this beast!

Titel Luminiferous
High On Fire
Century Media Records

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01. The Black Plot (05:32)
02. Carcosa (07:11)
03. The Sunless Years (05:06)
04. Slave The Hive (03:50)
05. The Falconist (06:06)
06. The Dark Side Of The Compass (05:30)
07. The Cave (07:40)
08. Luminiferous (04:03)
09. The Lethal Chamber (08:50)
Luminiferous by High On Fire CD 22.06.2015
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