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Deaf To Our Prayers (Re-issue 2021)

Gatefold white LP

: LP
: 04.03.2022
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After the release of "Antigone" back in 2004, HEAVEN SHALL BURN spent almost every weekend on the road, playing numerous festivals and shows all over Europe including a headlining tour in fall 2004. In autumn 2005, the first and highly successful edition of the Hell On Earth Tour (also featuring As I Lay Dying, Evergreen Terrace, Agents Of Man, End Of Days and Neaera) saw them triumph in the co-headlining position. Upon returning home, the band started working on new material, which later became the band's highly acclaimed album and genre classic “Deaf To Our Prayers”. It was recorded at Rape Of Harmonies Studios in Thuringia, Germany. For the first time HEAVEN SHALL BURN used Jacob Hansen and his Hansen Studios for the mix. This reissue was remastered for vinyl by the band's very own Alexander Dietz and offers an alternative track running order for an ideal vinyl side split. and includes liner notes from the band.

Titel Deaf To Our Prayers (Re-issue 2021)
Heaven Shall Burn
Gatefold white LP [LP]
Century Media Records

Limited to 300 copies // Limitiert auf 300 Stück !!

Disc 1 Side 1
01. The Greatest Gift Of God (remastered 2022) (02:33)
02. Counterweight (remastered 2022) (04:19)
03. Trespassing The Shores Of Your World (remastered 2022) (05:18)
04. Profane Believers (remastered 2022) (03:36)
05. Stay The Course (remastered 2022) (03:55)
06. The Final March (remastered 2022) (04:00)
Disc 1 Side 2
01. Of No Avail (remastered 2022) (04:57)
02. Armia (remastered 2022) (05:50)
03. MyBestFriends.com (remastered 2022) (04:52)
04. Biogenesis (undo Creation) (remastered 2022) (03:54)
05. Dying In Silence (remastered 2022) (04:20)