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: 02.11.2018
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It’s time.

Eight years since the world of Punk Rock has lost one of their greatest. The legendary frontman from Turbonegro, Hank Von Hell. For eight years, fans from all over the world have craved for his return and now the wait is over. It’s time. Hank Von Hell is back, and this is by no means a quiet return. “Egomania” is a rock and roll monster of an album. Featuring massive hooks, incredible riffs and choruses that leave you singing along before you know the lyrics – Egomania is sure to become a standout album for every rock fan and will become a must-have for every Turbonegro fan. The title track “Egomania” already builds into a gigantic rock hymn that indicates the storm that is to come within the next 30 minutes. Hank Von Hell guides through an album with incredible songwriting, leading the listener through hard rock gems like “Blood”, “Dirty Money” and the definite soundtrack of your summer “Wild Boy Blues”. This is not just another rock album – this is a statement. Hank is back – and he is stronger than ever before! „Egomania“ will be released as a Gatefold LP on 140 gram Vinyl, CD Digipack and on all digital plattforms.

Titel Egomania
Hank von Hell
CD Digipak [CD]
Century Media Records

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Egomania by Hank von Hell CD Digipak 02.11.2018
14,99 €
incl. VAT excl. shipping costs
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