Out Of Respect For The Dead

: Grave
: CD
: 16.10.2015
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The death metal masters from Stockholm will teach you another lesson in violence with their much anticipated new album “Out Of Respect For The Dead”. Since returning to Century Media after two albums on Regain Records, GRAVE have risen to the top of the Swedish death metal scene again, achieving global success with the intense and much-lauded 2012 released “Endless Procession of Souls”. Now, three years later, GRAVE up the ante on its successor and deliver a furious, relentless and incredibly brutal sounding new opus. Switching fluently between fast crushers like “Redeemed Through Hate” and doomy monsters like “Plain Pine Box” or the almost 10 minutes long “Grotesque Glory”, “Out Of Respect For The Dead” is a quintessential piece of death fuckin’ metal! Cover artwork and layouts again was created by Costin Chironeau (Arch Enemy, At The Gates, Paradise Lost etc.).

Titel Out Of Respect For The Dead
Century Media Records

01. Intro / Mass Grave Mass (05:32)
02. Flesh Before My Eyes (05:16)
03. Plain Pine Box (04:20)
04. Out Of Respect For The Dead (04:11)
05. The Ominous "They" (05:26)
06. Redeemed Through Hate (04:43)
07. Deified (04:26)
08. Trail Of Ungodly Trades (04:38)
09. Grotesque Glory (09:48)