The Dawn of Flames (Re-issue 2017)

Special Edition CD Digipak

: CD
: 14.04.2017
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The entire catalogue of the mighty GATES OF ISHTAR returns in 2017 and invites you to discover or re-discover these timeless 90’s melodic black/death metal masterpieces! Remastered from original sources at Dugout Studios (Meshuggah, In Flames, Arch Enemy), mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel (Dissection, Asphyx, Tiamat), accompanied with detailed liner notes, and visually improved with brand new cover artworks by Juanjo Castellano (Vomitory, Obscure Infinity, Portrait), “A Bloodred Path” (1996), “The Dawn of Flames” (1997) and “At Dusk And Forever” (1998) are now presented to the world in their definite versions. Unfortunately, these reissues are overshadowed by the death of drummer Oskar Karlsson in 2016. The remaining band members posted the following statement in February 2017: “This was supposed to be something totally different. We made a united decision to let Century Media re-release our albums to make them available again for you, our fans. We were all excited and new plans were made for the future of GATES OF ISHTAR, including an exclusive live performance at Party-San festival to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of our debut "A Bloodred Path". We all were looking forward to play together again and meet the fans who have kept our music alive in their hearts for all these years. Then Oscar died and in the aftermath of the tragedy these re-releases found a greater purpose. It will be a legacy of Oscar's musicianship and a support for Charlie, his son. We miss you brother, forever in our hearts!”

Titel The Dawn of Flames (Re-issue 2017)
Gates of Ishtar
Special Edition CD Digipak [CD]
Century Media Records

Disc 1
01. Perpetual Dawn (The Arrival Of Eternity - End My Pain) (06:42)
02. Trail Of Tears (04:40)
03. Forever Scarred (04:04)
04. Dreamfields (04:41)
05. Dawn Of Flames (07:08)
06. Eternal Sin (05:28)
07. No Time (04:54)
08. The Embrace Of Winter (04:29)
The Dawn of Flames (Re-issue 2017) by Gates of Ishtar Special Edition CD Digipak 14.04.2017
9,99 €
incl. VAT excl. shipping costs
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