Nattfödd (10th Anniversary Edition)

: Finntroll
: CD
: 04.08.2014
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It´s been 10 years since FINNTROLL released their album “Nattfödd” and feat. the smash hit “Trollhammaren”! That calls for a party!

“Nattfödd” was recorded in November 2003 at Sundicoop Studio in Savonlinna, Finland, engineered and mixed by Tuomo Valtonen, and produced by Keyboardist Trollhorn himself. Mika Jussila in the holy halls of Helsinki’s Finnvox Studio mastered the album. Just listen to mighty hymns such as "Vindfärd / Människopesten", "Trollhammaren" or "Nattfödd" and you'll be addicted to their very unique sound instantly. “Nattfödd” (meaning Nightborn), is an album which takes you on a trip to distant woods, where trolls and evil creatures raise their tankards in unity. It's FINNTROLL time again.

The 10th Anniversary Edition also includes four additional tracks taken from the “Trollhammaren” EP.

Titel Nattfödd (10th Anniversary Edition)
Century Media Records

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01. Vindfärd / Människopesten (05:39)
02. Eliytres (03:46)
03. Fiskarens Fiende (03:47)
04. Trollhammaren (03:32)
05. Nattfödd (04:51)
06. Ursvamp (02:03)
07. Marknadsvisan (02:00)
08. Det Iskalla Trollblod (03:55)
09. Grottans Barn (04:36)
10. Rök (02:13)
11. Hemkomst (03:46)
12. Skog (03:24)
13. Forsvinn Du Som Lyser (02:17)
14. Hel Vete (04:15)
Vredesvävd by Finntroll Ltd. CD Mediabook & Patch in Slipcase 18.09.2020
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