Blodsvept (Ltd. Edition CD Box Set)

: Finntroll
: CD
: 25.03.2013

The limited edition comes in a hardcover box that includes a digipak with exclusive, alternative artwork, a magnet and a long black embroidered wristband.

FINNTROLL’s blackened folk metal was often imitated, but never equalled!!! There is just one band that can combine Bathory and Tom Waits in a nasty freak show. Or like the British tabloid newspaper The Sun wrote: "If Mordor had a premier comedy club, Finntroll would be the resident band." FINNTROLL isn’t meant to be funny. It’s a tragedy of Shakespearian proportions, directed by David Lynch and filmed in the Finnish woods with real Trolls.

Titel Blodsvept (Ltd. Edition CD Box Set)
Century Media Records

Vredesvävd by Finntroll Ltd. CD Mediabook & Patch in Slipcase 18.09.2020
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