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Lacuna Coil 7Inch Special Bundle
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Mitglied im Händlerbund

Evoked From Demonic Depths – The Early Years

Evoked From Demonic Depths – The Early Years Evocation CD 25.06.2012 I 55475
14,99 € incl. 19,00% VAT excl. shipping costs

Stunning demo collection by Swedish deathers EVOCATION offering a detailed 32-page booklet packed with photos, flyers, old cover art, introduction by A. Sadoni (Metal Hammer), band history (part 1) by B.T. Jaschinski (Rock Hard, Legacy) + band history (part 2) by F. Schenk (Chaos Magazine) as well as in-depth comments to each release by the band members. Along side the two 90's demos “The Ancient Gate” and “Promo 1992” this killer compilation comes with four previously unreleased rehearsal recordings and re-recorded track “Genesis”which was produced by Roberto Laghi (In Flames, The Haunted and others). Garnered with layout by Xaay (Nile, Behemoth etc.) this is a must for "Swedish death metal historians".


Disc 1
01. A Wind Has Risen (01:06)
02. Through The Darkened Peril (03:28)
03. The Ancient Gate (03:37)
04. Desolated Spirits (03:23)
05. On A Journey To Heaven (04:43)
06. Where The Headstones Shine (05:22)
07. Veils Were Blown (03:57)
08. Spiritual Affinity (05:26)
09. Outro (00:43)
10. On A Journey To Heaven (rehearsal) (05:04)
11. Where The Headstones Shine (rehearsal) (05:48)
12. Spiritual Affinity (rehearsal) (05:52)
13. Veils Were Blown (rehearsal) (04:02)
14. Genesis (04:41)
15. The Ancient Gate (live at Gamlestaden, Gothenburg 1992) (03:32)
16. Genesis (live at Gamlestaden, Gothenburg 1992) (05:37)
17. Where The Headstones Shine (live at Gamlestaden, Gothenburg 1992) (04:54)

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