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: 30.06.2017
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In a world of increasing conformity and musical banality, Devin Townsend is among the few real personalities who have character, charisma and surprising innovative creativity. In 2009 he released "Ki" as initiation of several releases under the Devin Townsend Project banner, which at times heavily departed the industrial metal of SYL or symphonic prog metal of his solo albums. "Ki" is a sparse, dream-like sonic journey which shows a quiet, more ambient-like side of "the mad professor of metal" while developing an undeniable, unique intensity all Devin fans should find exciting to discover.

Titel Ki
Devin Townsend Project
Standard CD Jewelcase [CD]
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. A Monday (01:43)
02. Coast (04:36)
03. Disruptr (05:49)
04. Gato (05:23)
05. Terminal (06:58)
06. Heaven Send (08:54)
07. Ain't Never Gonna Win (03:17)
08. Winter (04:48)
09. Trainfire (05:58)
10. Lady Helen (06:05)
11. Ki (07:21)
12. Quiet Riot (03:02)
13. Deamon League (02:55)