Accelerated Evolution

: CD
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Accelerated Evolution draws from the many facets of Devin's multi layered musical personality. Combining huge melodies with heavy brutality and moments of spine tingling bliss, the album is a perhaps a more accessible affair than his previous release (the densely, organic masterpiece Terria).  The album also saw Devin assemble a new line up of musicians to breathe new enthusiasm into the tracks.

Also available as limited edition digipak with bonus cd.

Titel Accelerated Evolution
Devin Townsend Band
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. Depth Charge (00:06)
02. Storm (00:04)
03. Random Analysis (00:05)
04. Deadhead (00:08)
05. Suicide (00:06)
06. Traveller (00:04)
07. Away (00:07)
08. Sunday Afternoon (00:06)
09. Slow Me Down (00:06)